Beaurepaires High Performance Tyres

do you have a passion for driving?

If you are looking for a tyre to take your driving performance to the next level, then your local Beaurepaires store has the tyre for you.

Give yourself and your car an exciting driving experience with tyres that work better with modern ABS systems and sensitive steering and suspension systems.

High performance tyres offer sports quality performance, including agile handling, higher speed capabilities, increased cornering ability and enhanced grip.

Some of the key benefits of high performance tyres include:

  • Handling: High performance tyres are designed for a quick response on the road.
  • Speed: High performance tyres meet demands of higher speeds.
  • Grip: High performance tyres provide an enhanced ability to grip the road, especially during hard cornering.

Beaurepaires stocks a wide range of high performance tyres specifically designed for performance cars and SUVs.

Top high performance tyre picks


The best of the MICHELIN Pilot Super Sport tyre further enhanced by MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyre innovations.

Beaurepaires Michelin Pilot Sport 4s


Engineered to excel in wet conditions. 2.70 meters* shorter braking distance compared to its predecessor thanks to a new tread compound and increased void ratio.

Beaurepaires Michelin Latitude Sport 3


Active Cornergrip and Racing Compound Technology for impressive cornering and grip.

Beaurepaires Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2

DUnlop sp sport maxx

The SP Sport Maxx is designed for high-powered sports cars, sporty coupes and luxury performance sedans, to be exhilarating in dry and reassuring in the wet.

Beaurepaires Dunlop SP SportMaxx