Beaurepaires Michelin Passenger and 4WD/SUV tyres

arrive safely with michelin

Wherever you go in life, the right tyres are essential to a safe arrival.

Beaurepaires wants you to arrive safely wherever you travel, so right now when you buy 1 Michelin passenger car, 4WD/SUV or van tyre your second tyre is HALF PRICE*!



Safety, longevity, fuel saving, comfort, driving pleasure...this is MICHELIN’s promise. With its Total Performance strategy, MICHELIN is committed to ensuring that you never have to choose between any one of these performances.

As one of the most iconic tyre brands in the world, MICHELIN provides consumers with the right tyres for all vehicles and driving needs.

MICHELIN’s range of sports and performance tyres can improve handling and safety on or off road, while making sure drivers are prepared for all weather conditions with state-of-the-art tyre technologies.

All drivers rely on their tyres to keep their cars running safely and economically. Like Beaurepaires, MICHELIN believes safety is a priority for everyone, and seeks to offer tyres that will give you peace of mind on the road.

Don't miss this sale on quality Michelin tyres for your passenger car or 4WD/SUV!

Terms and Conditions
  • Offer applies to the purchase of two tyres fitted to one vehicle.

  • Half price will be applied to the second tyre or the cheaper of the two tyres (if applicable).

  • Offer applies to Energy Saver, Energy Saver +, Energy XM2, MXV P, Pilot Primacy, Pilot Sport, Pilot Sport 3, Pilot Sport 4, Pilot Sport 4S, Pilot Sport Cup 2, Pilot Sport 2, Pilot Sport Super Sport, Primacy 3, Primacy 3 (ST), Primacy HP, Primacy LC, TRX-B, X STOP, XM1, XWX, 4X4 Diamaris, 4X4 O/R XZL, 4X4 Synchrone, 4X4 XPC, Cross Terrain, Latitude Cross, Latitude Diamaris, Latitude Sport, Latitude Sport 3, Latitude Tour, Latitude Tour HP, LTX A/T, LTX A/T 2, LTX Force, Primacy SUV, Agilis, Agilis +, Agilis 51.

  • Excludes MICHELIN Agilis 7.00R16, 7.50R16 and 8.25R16 tyre sizes.

  • Half price will be applied to the current non-discounted price of the relevant tyre(s).

  • Normal service/fitting and balancing (if required) charges apply to any tyres that are purchased via this offer. Service Charges: Fitting Charges for tyres bought in-store are $10.50 per standard car tyre and $13.50 per standard 4WD/SUV tyre. Wheel Balancing charges are $14.90 per standard car wheel and $17.90 per standard 4WD/SUV wheel. Tyre Disposal Charges are $5.00 per standard car tyre and $6.50 per standard 4WD/SUV tyre. Tubeless Valve Charges are $3.30 per standard car tyre.

  • All charges are GST inclusive.

  • Half price only applies to tyres purchased via one invoice.

  • Offer applies to cash, EFTPOS, credit and finance transactions.

  • Standard finance criteria and charges applies to finance transactions.

  • Offer excludes fleet, commercial and trade customers.

  • This offer cannot be redeemed or utilised in conjunction or combination with any other voucher, coupon, offer or discount.

  • Offer available strictly while stocks last.

  • Available at participating Beaurepaires stores nationwide from 4 June to 4 August 2018.

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